Yahoo! acquires IndexTools

Early this week, Yahoo acquired IndexTools, an analytics company. IndexTools offers tools for monitoring and analyzing websites.

The interesting thing, which happened the very next day (10th April) after the acquisition, was an email send by Google Analytics team to all (or many) analytics users notifying about the benchmarking feature, which was launched on March 5th!

The email stated:

“We are writing to let you know about a change in our service offerings. If you have logged into your account recently, you may have noticed that you can now choose to share your Google Analytics data. … We’re also happy to announce industry benchmarking as the first new feature available …. Benchmarking lets you compare your metrics against industry verticals….”

I feel the email, on the next day of acquisition was not a coincidence, rather Google wanted to try its best to avoid any chunk of users migrating to Yahoo/IndexTools. If Google just had to notify the analytics users about the service change, they must have done this a month back.

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  • Very interesting. I did noticed the new benchmarking and stats sharing in Google Analytics. I wasn't aware of the new Yahoo stats - I'll be watching for it. Thanks.

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