Flickr Downloader

Yesterday, a friend of mine was looking for a way to download original photos from one of his sets on flickr. Since we could not find any flickr downloader which can run on Linux, (for windows you can try :, I quickly wrote a script using flickr APIS. The sed and awk power made it v. easy :)

Below is the script:

SET=”<Set – id >” # Enter SET ID here from which photos have to be downloaded, for eg. SET=”72157604130281022″
APPKEY=”" #Your APP key here, get one from
curl “
api_key=$APPKEY&photoset_id=$SET&extras=original_format&per_page=500″ | sed ‘~s/title=”[a-zA-Z0-9_ :) ?(.]*//g’ | awk ‘/id=/ {print “”$4″/”$2″_”$8″_o.jpg” }’ | sed ‘~s/\(server=\|originalsecret=\|id=\|”\)//g’ > p
wget -i p
rm p

You can also download this script by clicking here

Update: Script does not work for video download.

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